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    Astra Dent – stomatology №1 in Kiev

    According to statistics, dentists are among the most visited doctors in the world. No wonder, because the problems with the teeth in humans occur regularly. Improper nutrition and poor care lead to various diseases associated with tooth decay, enamel damage, inflammatory gum processes. In such cases, without resorting to dentistry is indispensable. Modern dentistry allows any person to have healthy and beautiful teeth. The best dental clinics in Kiev have long reached the European level and guarantee the highest level of quality of medical services, using the newest equipment and advanced drugs. If you need dental services in Kiev, every dental clinic of our network “Astra Dent” is ready to help with all kinds of services. We carry out diagnostics, treatment, prosthetics of teeth of any complexity, treat children and adults. We offer our customers convenient service and reasonable prices for any procedures.


    1. Therapeutic dentistry. Treatment of any problems with teeth and gums – pulpitis, caries, teeth whitening and teeth cleaning. Prevention of diseases in the oral cavity.
    2. Surgical dentistry. This is the removal of teeth, bone grafting, plastic, elimination of unaesthetic defects.
    3. Preparation and installation of titanium implants (root, for the front teeth, combined, mini-implants and others) instead of roots for further restoration of teeth.
    4. Prosthetic dentistry. We reconstruct the tooth tissue, and put the prosthesis in place of the teeth, which can not be restored, returning you a beautiful smile and comfort.
    5. Orthopedics. Determination and correction of occlusion in patients of any age.

    6. Bracket systems. Aligning a number of teeth and correcting a malocclusion using a special design of locks connected by an arc.
    7. Veneers. Installation of special composite plates on the outer part of the tooth, for greater durability and an ideal “Hollywood” smile.

    8. Treatment of diseases of the gums, bony hole, tissues in the oral cavity.
    9. Children’s dentistry. Our doctors will find an approach even to the smallest patients and will teach them not to be afraid of dentists. We carry out prophylaxis, removal of milk teeth, if necessary – treatment of diseases of the oral cavity, as well as advice for parents.
    10. Identification of possible dental diseases and periodontitis before they develop. Thanks to modern techniques, we can maintain the oral cavity in order and in time to detect the emerging problems with the teeth.

    The prices in each of our dental clinics in Kiev are the same. You can safely turn to one of the clinics of our network in your area and do not worry about the cost. The price list is the same for everyone and is in every dentistry, as well as on our website. The cost of medical care is calculated according to the price list. More precise information on your unique case is better to check with your doctor’s dentist from our network of clinics. He will be able to accurately take into account the entire amount of work and provide you with the final amount for the services of a dentist.

    Choosing us, you get the following benefits:

    1. Treatment with modern methods. Each of our dental clinics in Kiev on the Astra Dent network is equipped with the most advanced equipment and medicines. We employ highly qualified dentists who, using modern professional equipment, will be able to cure a variety of dental problems.
    2. The possibility of using anesthesia for any procedure. If you are looking for the possibility of sedation and effective anesthesia – contact Astra Dent, in the absence of contraindications, we will not refuse anesthesia even with the most minor manipulations. Our doctors will do everything possible for your comfort!
    3. Providing services to patients of any age. We work with both children and patients of retirement age. Dentistry in Kiev is accessible to every person and in our network doors for all age categories are open. Individual approach for each patient is the rule in our network of clinics.
    4. Insurance dental treatment. If you need dental services in Kiev for health insurance, our network of clinics will be the right choice. We cooperate with leading insurance companies in Ukraine, so you can be sure of the quality of the work done. With a list of insurance companies you can get acquainted or in any of our clinics, or on our site.
    5. Profitable offers for our customers. At the moment we have a unique offer “Turnkey implantation”. No dental clinic in Kiev and the region can offer you a more profitable offer!


    If you need the services of a dentist who can solve any problem at a reasonable cost, Astra Dent is waiting for you. For many years now we have been eliminating the most complex diseases of the oral cavity, and we work steadily at the best prices for each client. The staff of our network of clinics has gathered the best specialists of the capital and from different cities of Ukraine, thanks to which we guarantee the excellent quality of services. Our dentists are:

    1. People who have many years of experience in treating patients with various oral problems;
    2. Professionals in their field, able to cope with even the most complex diseases and defects;
    3. Specialists who have been trained in the best medical universities and regularly attend refresher courses, conferences that use new techniques;
    4. Doctors who have a permanent dental practice and work on the same European protocols.

    If you need dental treatment at an optimal cost, Astra Dent will be your reliable solution. The team of professionals, a wide range of services, excellent quality of treatment, individual approach to each patient and pleasant prices – all this you will find in our clinic.